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The Guiding Angels Give It Forward Challenge

​So, one of our Guiding Angels gave you a Guiding Angel lapel pin because they made a donation to our Cora Lee Cuff Fund on your behalf in support of our Guiding Success program.  This was done because they care for you and they care for the children in our program.  They told you that as far as the lapel pin goes, there were only two things we could ask of you. First, to wear the pin.  Second, to simply share our vision with anyone who notices the pin.

The Guiding Angel lapel pin.  The heart at the center of our One Vision logo is enfolded with a loving embrace by the wings of an angel.  The Bible says we may have entertained angels without knowing it.  We ARE those angels and now is the time for each of us to be known as Guiding Angels for our children. A donation of $150 or more places you among the host of Guiding Angels in support of our Guiding Success Program.  Once you've earned your wings by becoming a Guiding Angel it's time to give it forward.   


In Person

2255 Dunn Ave. Suite 601 C

Jacksonville, Florida 32218

By Phone



Sponsor a friend

Sponsor a Friend

After sharing our vision with you, our Guiding Angel also gave you information about our Guiding Success Program including our web address and told you that they donated $150 to become a Guiding Angel.  They then asked you to take wearing the Guiding Angel lapel pin a step further and match the donation they made on your behalf with a donation of your own - as little as $15 to $50.


Ultimately, you were asked to accept the Guiding Angels Give It Forward Challenge - to make a $150 donation and become a Guiding Angel.  As a Guiding Angel you will receive three Guiding Angel lapel pins to help us reach even more supporters.  This is how you give it forward and for doing so, we can't thank you enough.  The dollars raised through this challenge helps fund a child at our Guiding Success Music Academy and provides scholarships for private lessons and participation in our summer music programs throughout Duval County.

Yes, providing a high-quality, early childhood music education to every four-year old in Duval County is a bold vision but, with your help, it can be done.  

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